The universe of The Athena Operation is bleak. Poverty levels have spiked, and in turn crime is at the highest it's ever been. People are forced to bring the darkest pits of themselves to light just to survive.

The despair isn't localized, either. From the reaches of criminal-ridden jungle worlds, such as Cateron, to the seat of the Confederate Chamber and the universe's most important governing officials on Vidron, the suffering is apparent. Though the politicians can turn a blind eye, you can never truly escape it.

Despite the pain and severity of the situation, the universe has its moments of awe and inspiration. Below you'll find a detailed description of the planets and species that inhibit it. These are just some of the notable planets in the universe.
TERNION RANGE is the title given to the combination of all major galaxies, including the Milky Way, Triangulum, and Andromeda.  Though the Confederate Chamber's jurisdiction falls within only the Triangulum on a technicality, the rest of the galaxies tend to fall in line, though the laws are enforced less regularly due to a lack of resources.

Vidron is the most important planet in the entire Ternion Range. It's a massive planet dedicated to housing not only the Confederate Chamber, but representatives of varying degrees to form the senate, as well as being home to nearly all major politicians. It is the most heavily guarded world, and in addition to all of the political power, it also houses the Confederate Military and all of its training bases. Vidron also houses primary military bases for each species (human, fesar, and othal) and also houses the secondary military base for the seythra. 

Torca is a secluded water world, with only sporadic islands often hundreds of miles apart populating the surface. Because it's seated on the edge of the galaxy, Torca is a prime location for criminals and illegal weapons testing to commence, with little to no enforcement of laws to stop them.

Danae Pilus is a small world being colonized by the fesar. Though initially thought to be impossible, the fesar are showing their perseverance by slowly taking the world over, utilizing artificial water springs brought in to grow crops, and dispatching crews to take care of the local vermin. Though Danae Pilus is a ways away from being completely colonized, the fesar have no plans to slow down.

Jhalin is a small, dark swamp world that was the initial homeworld of the Othal. In contrast to the friendly, caring nature of the species, Jhalin is a harsh world with numerous deadly native wildlife. When the majority of the othal left to assimilate into galactic society, the Numinous remained. The Numinous are a group of fanatic othal who believe they have the ability to communicate with a supreme being and have contact with a spiritual realm. Though the Numinous are dying out, a good bulk of their numbers still reside on Jhalin.

Trini 5010 is the hybrid homeworld of the Seythra. Trini 5010 is a mobile home base of operations, and can move about, albeit cumbersomely. The seythra rarely let anyone aboard their home vessel. The seythra are said to possess the most advanced technology in the universe, and they house it all aboard Trini 5010.

Earth is the homeworld of humanity, though the textbooks and stories typically highlight what Earth once was, not as it is today. Once humanity made contact with other species in 2033, things moved quickly, and within two decades the majority had left earth, which was failing quickly. The only people left on Earth now are those who couldn't afford to leave, and the severe pollution and damage to the planet kills anyone before they reach age 30, usually a lot sooner.

Cateron is a jungle world with scattered villages and little in the way of technology. Once a desirable vacation spot, Cateron's lack of law enforcement has left it in the hands of criminals. The local villagers don't seem to mind the criminals, so long as they keep their distance. A large world, 60% of Cateron remains unmapped.