The characters of The Athena Operation are as diverse as the universe itself. Below you'll find bios and information about each of the main characters.
Seraph Aydrian is a 32-year old human commander in the Confederate Military, though his recent reprimands mean his job and title are at stake with each decision he makes. Often called impulsive and selfish,  Seraph doesn't live in denial about his situation or who he is. He doesn't trust people, and the impressions he makes with people justify his antisocial behavior in his mind. Despite this, many high-ranking officials reluctantly admit that Seraph Aydrian gets the job done, and few can be trusted to lead men into battle the way Seraph is.

Retton 'Ret' Johnstone is a 19-year old human private in the Confederate Military. Ret grew up in the poverty-ridden districts of Acell, but always thought he was meant to do something great. Though he's headstrong and quick to anger, he's a good shot with a rifle and despite his rough upbringing, he tries to do the best he can in any given situation. His integrity and genuine interest in helping others has gotten him into more than a few sticky situations, though he refuses to allow it to compromise his character.

Sadhis Loxai is a 30-year old fesar lieutenant in the Confederate Military. Sadhis is an underappreciated soldier, going out of his way to minimize casualties and making sure missions are completed in the cleanest way possible. His style is in stark contrast with Seraph's, though their constant teaming on missions allows them to balance each other out sufficiently. Sadhis is perhaps one of the most skilled soldiers in the military, with a deadly arsenal of weapons and hand-to-hand training. Sadhis has committed himself to making a difference however he can, and does his best to balance out his military life with spending time with his mother, with whom he's grown closer with since the death of his father.

Drever Khalis is a 49-year old othal mercenary. Drever's got a hot temper and isn't afraid to speak his mind, but he can back up any threat he issues. An ex-member of the mysterious 'Numinous' cult that the othal race tries to distance themselves from, Drever grew up surrounded by violence, and naturally took it on as a strong characteristic of himself. Everything about Drever is in direct contradiction to the othal race, who consider themselves to be a race of peace and diplomacy, though being the black sheep doesn't bother Drever. After all, he hates the othal just as he hates everyone else.

Orron Vinnor is a 43-year old human doctor. He's notorious throughout the universe for the nauseating experiments he's performed on patients, willing or otherwise. Vinnor had a following of scientists and surgeons who revered his experiments, but his band of worshipers fell apart after he was almost killed in a sting operation set by the Confederate Military. Vinnor's experiments were grotesque, but also made advances never seen before, the most notable example being when he combined different parts of a fesar, human, and othal and managed to get the creature to respond to stimuli. Vinnor's infamy lives strong, even though he's taken a seat in the background over the last decade or so, presumed to be hiding from authorities. 

Kyla Temen is a 24 year old human female security guard, formerly of the Temen Space Station. Kyla is the daughter of John Temen, head of security at Temen Space Station. Little is known of Kyla, other than her employment at the Temen Space Station was terminated approximately two months ago, and Kyla has had no contact with her father since then. Her father described her as "enthusiastic to change the world."